Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Canmore: OWNED!!!

Touche' Trail, the score is tied! The course at the 24 hours of Canmore was almost as fun as the granddaddy, Moab. Toby had me a little worried with his recon report, but the roots and technical singletrack of the Bow Valley Foothills were no match for the Cannondale SuperFlash 29. I can honestly say that for 24 hours straight, for once, I shredded the @#!* out of the trail. I might have put a foot down once or twice, and I bumped my hip on a tree, but the throttle was broken past full for the entire race and the rig was handling it beautifully. It felt great to pass five inch dual suspensions on descents. The Canadians were riding like molasses, I believe the term is "cyclosportif". To their credit, they are a beautiful, content, happy people. However being content makes for molasses.

I was also very pleased to have figured out the night riding a little better. Eventually, there will be no difference between my day laps and night laps. But Oakley is still finalizing the night vision Jawbones I have requested. Until then, lights will do. My best NIGHT WORK! was only three and a half minutes slower than my fastest day lap. Part of this feat was due to the full moon. I derive immense power from the full moon, and at one point I let out a howl.

Our team took a second 24 hour victory of 2010. We are really starting to function like one big machine, Big Rig included!  We were a little bummed out at the continual lack of anything whatsoever for winning, but whatev. It's just annoying when the promoter is obviously raking in dough on the event and can't throw the working man a bone. Oh well, one more grease rag in the garage. Til next time trail, but rest assured I am not content to rest on the victory!


A voracious predator of the trail. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pip vs Trail Round Deux: Canmore.

Well the score is Trail 1, Pip 0. I guess I never gave the trail the respect of a recap after it kicked my butt at the Firecracker 50. The trail did not relent in Breckenridge, I was a mere mortal trying to do more than my legs could push. To be fair, most of my training for one month leading up to the race was riding my beach cruiser to get Latte's on the way to work, and then riding it for cold ones after work. The transition into corporate life was difficult at first, but I think I've got it dialed in a little better this time around. I basically just need to plan my life to the minute between now and 24 Hours of Moab, the finale of Pip vs. Trail 2010.

I am overconfident as ever going into this weekend's 24 Hours of Canmore: Pip vs Trail Round Deux.The fellas are flying right now, I dropped off the big rig for some fresh lube, and America is better than the rest of the world, especially Canada. After attempting my first fifty, I realized how much more I prefer 24 relays to ultra events. I would much rather do six 15 mile hot laps than sit there and suffer for 100 miles. I am really excited for this weekend. We just had a great weekend of epic road rides at the 9th annual Highline Hammer and we all feel great.

At the request of upper management, I am not to use my USB broadband card while in foreign countries, so I will save the results for Monday. But I assure you, it won't be anything like round one!