Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, It's time I hit the Dusty Trail

It's been a good run here livin' the simple life. Peacuful yet exciting, rewarding and hard. Walking Lightly is truly a sanctuary in a screwed up world. They took me in when no one else would. I found shelter from the storm. But now the batts are charged, the storm has passed and it's time to go past full throttle. Five hundred acres isn't enough land for a rogue bull, but I figure the Rocky Mountains might suffice... for a little while. So stay tuned, if you liked tails of ranchin' and ridin' trail, you'll love a tail or two from the open road. I'll leave you with the wise words of Del Gue;

l ain't never seen them, but my common sense tells me the Andes is foothills, and the Alps is for children to climb.

Over and out,

Carbon Fiber Cowboy

PS let me know if you want a kick ass job: Yogi's, coin, house, trail, spinach.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Morning Treat.

This goes out to my good buddy who just started an office job. I guarantee this will be the best 1:44 of your monday morning, enjoy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Redneck Ride.

Feedin the flippin' horses!

C Man (The Godfather)

The Crew


It was a long ride that brought me to Walking Lightly Ranch, one that changed my life. Now that I'm here, I celebrate once a week the beauty that surrounds me with the people that make it fun. I do this with the Redneck Ride.

Last year, Chris Connelly and I wanted to get a ride going in the Flathead that captured the essence of our college days back in Missoula. We wanted to ride our mountain bikes til sunset, cook grub, drink beer and bs about whatever. A few times, it was just us, but we are here to stay. Little by little, our ride is gaining a foothold. With temps and spirits looking bleak yesterday, i didn't expect much for our 2010 debut. But the trail gods looked upon us with favor, skies cleared and temps soared this afternoon. Just what we needed for the first Redneck Ride! We even had a few newcomers, a resurgent Dougger, Mark from Hammer Nutrition and Whitefish Soul Rider Dave. I couldn't have asked for more. Come ride with us weary trail riders looking for more. Thursday nights. Six o'clock at the trailer. All summer long.

Peace out to my man Dave Coe.


Monday, April 12, 2010


Well, another year, another car ride to the finish line at the Rocky Mountain Roubaix. Needless to say luck has not been on my side lately. But I do not despair because I know I'm riding well. I was even able to catch the peloton after my first flat! 

Enough about me, I didn't even finish. I was really proud of my team for working together on the road and for Matty riding strong enough for third place. Not bad for first race of the year, I smell some wins coming soon! Also, great job Brian Williams and the NRO team. They rode a smart race and it showed on the line. Well, I'm happy to have two solid weeks of training ahead of me. With my classics season consisting of 6 flats and 2 for 2 DNF's, the letter V is taking over more and more of my hard drive.  

V is for Vendetta.

Friday, April 9, 2010

2010: Whips got nicer, still just a carbon fiber cowboy.

About fourteen months ago, as I approached the bottom of the abyss, I took stock of what I had in life vs what I wanted. The list of material possessions wasn't very long; a few out of style clothes, a thousand dollar truck that i lost the title to, and some construction equipment. I hate construction. This would bother some, but I wasn't phased. I knew I had plenty of the wealth that mattered, amigos. I knew that Chez Shryock's door's would always be open for hot soup and good chit chat, my precious beagle, Riley, would always love me and that I could always call MTCX for cheering up. So when I thought of what else I needed in life, only one thing came to mind:

A fly whip to ride trail on.

Thats right, a cowboy is nothing without his horse. I stretched myself as far as my post-college-spending- hung-over-self could spend. I bought the best whip I could for the time (still didn't spend a lot). My life changed instantly, for the better. A good whip you see, can take a fella far. I just couldn't understand how anything else could take a higher priority. I couldn't understand how anything else could have a priority. I had a great time last year, but after working my butt off for 14 months, I ask myself what else do I want in life?

You guessed it, a fly-er whip to ride trail on.

Yes, I'm still a dirtbag. I still have nothing. I still live in a trailer in the woods. My friend hit a deer with my car and its broken and I still don't care. I want nothing more than to ride trail as fast as I can, after work with my amigos. Oh and maybe a few cold ones after. I don't think everyone should be this way, but for pete's sake (literally, Pete Derrick, he's the new shop manager at Sportsman Ski Haus Kalispell), git your damn bike tuned up and be ready to hit some trail!

Carbon Fiber Cowboy

This post made possible by Sportsman-Ski Haus for their awesome Cannondale bikes, Hammer Nutrition for their tasty Caffe Latte Perpetuem on long rides and lonely Friday night's at the trailer with Layer Cake PRIMITIVO, Vintage 2007.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Big Rides, Big Hides up in Flathead Country

With only a week until the Rocky Mountain Roubaix, there isn't a heck of a lot one can do at this point. You've either got the right stuff or you're pack skat for one more year. I'll be happy with any type of day that actually involves racing the full distance. Phil 1.0 was always at his worst in March and April. The last time I showed my face at Roubaix, I was "tired from the night before" and on a noodly 24 pound cross bike with knobbies. Needless to say I exited stage rear the third time up the grade. I haven't put too much pressure on myself for this weekend, as I know just about anything will be better than I've done before. That being said I'm no stick in the mud either. Here was today's ride, it was a tough one. The "Whitefish Triple Crown" created by Clint "the Monster" involves three nasty climbs, Reservoir rd, Iron Horse and Big Mountain. Lucky for him he lives in that area, I started at rancho grande. I may owe a gas station 69 cents for some 7up that got me home. I was gettin' crosseyed....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grow Your Vegetables, Yo.

1. Lawns are the biggest waste of space since golf courses and shopping malls.

2. The only way to ensure what you eat is healthy is to collect/grow it yourself or buy it from someone you know. Did you know whole foods sources some of its "organic" produce from China? What a joke. 

3. Look at those geese flying in for a splash landing. They don't rely on wal-mart or the government to make their lives better. We shouldn't be any different, were just animals, same as geese. We have all we need to thrive. Scarcity is created and perpetuated by the antiquated powers that be. I need to be like the goose, self reliant!