Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NGUNNGU. (Trail 2, Pip 1)

We had this goofy acronym in high school football (I had the bench on lock down sophomore year) that a lot of meat heads really took to heart: NGUNNGU (never give up, never never give up). Most of them have since given up and resided themselves to the desk for the next 40 years. But I just can't do it. Earlier this week I wanted to give up and sit on the beach this weekend instead of continuing my battle against the trail. But my new scooter has inspired me to continue on. The 49cc Vino goes full throttle all the time. Plus I need revenge after being outfoxed by the trail last weekend in Butte. I may have lost the fire for a few minutes during the Butte 100, but the trail won't quit so neither am I. So I'm off to the High Cascade 100 for round four of Pip vs. Trail. I won't let off the gas until I look like these guys!

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Berry Bliss said...

Phil, you make me smile, good luck on your next adventure! xo