Friday, November 19, 2010

Man Night/Season Recap

Content has been a little dry these days, I think I may have officially pulled the plug on 2010 race season. I don't know why I feel a little guilty about this, I've been racing on most weekends since Speedwagon Classic in March! I guess I'm just going against my own words a little bit, I've said before that the cycling season goes from Speedwagon until Cross Nationals. But there is snow on the ground and I don't like to ride in the snow. I've also done most of what I wanted to do this year so I might as well just chill out...

Not winning Moab and a lackluster Thunder were my only two disappointments, but you gotta take what you can get as an old mangy dog! Had a great time seeing more of the continent than any previous year, and got to enjoy these places with the greatest friends a guy ever had. Look forward to even more exploits next year.

We've got a great group of guys down in Missoula. So great in fact that sometimes they forget it. A few of these recurring ladies nights in the zoo town were finally enough to motivate us men to get together last night at Flippers for a man night. Don't get me wrong, women are legit, and the Missoula ladies had a breakout year on all fronts, but we just had to lay claim to our terrain. Our group of rogue bulls lays claim to Missoula, the Northwest, the Southwest and internationally at world cups and upcoming TCH camps. We are second to none when it comes to having fun, hittin' trail and being happy. Here's a few highlights of how great it is to be a man...

And possibly the most manly and american activity of all the Baja 1000 starts today. Man is legit.

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