Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hotsprings Plains Hotsprings, A killer Loop!

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Today was great! First bike ride in almost 3 months but well worth the wait. A composite team of Flathead and Missoula riders set out on a great 60ish mile loop. I say ish because i don't train with computers, coaches, HRMs or Power. I just like
to ride my bike in fun places with my amigos. My road bike wasn't ready so i set out on "the creamcicle", a 2007 Kona cross bike with large knobby tires and 1x9 gearing. This is nothing new to me, in fact I havent ridden on slick tires since 2007. Anyway, eight or ten of us set out to chilly but amazing skies and had a great time. Shaun Radley got some great beta on a backroad between paradise and plains on the other side of the river, see map. I don't know why I don't live in Paradise, it's amazing! The five mile climb out of Plains was a little tough for the first ride but with age comes wisdom and I didn't bother to explode trying to chase Matt ice. After the ride, we sat down at Symes hot springs with a much older and fatter bike gang, the Bandido's MC. They seemed a little soft for a motorcycle club, they all drove to Symes in their car! Today really stoked my fire with road, so much so that I'm adding a new element to the blog: Hot or Not!

Anyone who showed up today
Matching kits (we're mid twenties now only Bill Schultz can pull off the Split Kit)

Anyone who didn't show up
Having to wear more than jersey and shorts (not cool)
Riding on trainers, go skiing for pete's sake!


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