Thursday, February 11, 2010

Workin' for the weekend.

I respect the weekend warrior. No one cares if they compete, no one is looking anxiously for their result. Ultimately, the only one pushing the weekend warrior is himself. He just does it because he knows thats why he was placed amongst the cosmos. Yes, some athletes have dreams of "making it", and some do. Thats great, but for me not really worth envying. I follow those who know they're never going to get paid, yet compete at the highest level of their sport anyway. Because the purest of passions have nothing to with money. it's just something in you, it's innate. Like the butterfly that fly's to Meixco. What else could drive someone to summit the Big Mountain (2,200 foot climb) in 27 minutes for free? Well, actually, they lost money after the entry fee. Thanks event promoters...

To my knowledge the whole US National Randonee Team has day jobs. Our best placing last go round at worlds was 30th of 90. Not bad for a workin stiff! The sport is getting more popular in some circles, but doesn't really appeal to the masses (pun intented) in America. We are more interested in riding chairlifts, superbowl, getting fatter, and paying doctors and pharma to come up with complex answers to problems that shouldn't exist. I had a few extra pounds last month, so I started walking up mountains, not seeing "doctors". Wo, too much rant!


Brandon French and Ben Parsons are holding a slideshow/raffle to help offset the cost of traveling to Andorra at the end of this month for the World Championships. Andorra is in the Pyrrenees im Spain, obviously not a cheap tik. They have traveled the Rocky Mountains in their entirety, and should have some amazing pictures and stories to tell. Brandon has previously raced in Europe and should have some fun times to talk about. They are auctioning outdoor related gear that has been donated, so obvi there might be some deals. Phil's Liquidation has been hired as auctioneer so bring your $$$ and lets have a good time sending these guys to worlds!

Slideshow and Auction at Reds Theater
30 2nd ST E. KSSR
Thursday. 7. Feb 18. 2010 

PS although Ben and I are now teammates I completely disagree with this news report from last summer's TNRL:

"At this stage of the season, the expert stage is up for grabs. Ben Parsons, one of the top cyclists in the valley, was almost unbeatable last season, but on this particular night, a flat tire prevented him from finishing. 
“He didn’t win last week and he didn’t finish today,” Knight said, “so who knows, in this mixed-up, crazy world.” -Flathead Beacon

I get no love.