Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Redneck Cinco de Mayo!

Aaah my last holiday alone at the center of the trail universe, so bittersweet....Such a shame to spend such a "bueno" holiday here by myself. Soy contento though because we had a good ride tonight at the Cinco de Mayo edition of Wednesday Night Worlds, and I made myself a fine feast.

I figure if I'm going to move out of the chainsaw toting Tally Lake area and into the au pair dragging suburbs of Whitefish, I need to clean up my act. I started with tonight's dinner. Tally Lake Phil would have been fine with grillin' a few bear brats and crackin' a Donkey (24oz. Tecate) for such an occasion. But for tonight I made twice baked sweet potato chicken fajitas. It was actually very easy and quite a treat. To start, toss a sweet potato in the oven at like 425. Now go take a shower because hopefully you just went on a hard bike ride. This is also a great time to drink a cold beer!

By the time you've dried yourself off, it's time to toss the fajita mix in a frying pan. Since I'm constantly keeping the pedal to the floor, I buy the homemade chicken fajita mix from Marcus Foods. It has chicken, red and green peppers, onion, garlic and spices. Its pretty good as is but I add some crushed red pepper and chili powder in olive oil to heat things up. This should take about 12 minutes to fry on medium heat and by that time your sweet potato should be closer to edible.

Next, cut the sweet potato right down the middle, cube and expel the contents into your fajita frying pan, carefully preserving the skin! The cubed sweet potato should still hold its form so don't cook it too long. Now is a good time to add some more oil and red pepper to your pan and stir it around a bit. All thats left is to arrange your sweet potato skin on a plate and pile on as much as you like. Then melt a little pepper jack or other queso and pop it back in the oven for maybe five minutes on lower heat. Finish however you like but I added some avocado, kiwi and salsa fresca. Yippeee!


Cran-raz la croix w/kiwi.


Anonymous said...

You missed out on a much less classy taco feast with the snobs schmucking it up in the burbs of Whitefish. The Tecate flowed like did the tequila.

HG said...

I'll have to start a cookbook for you Phil. I'm impressed with your versatility. Love ya, Debbie