Sunday, June 27, 2010

King of CdA

Aaaahhh the new life allows me little time to devote to the personal blogosphere. We have been going full throttle in CdA since Thursday, with energy reaching white hot levels. This may have been the best weekend for Montana athletes ever. I am astonished and amazed to be a part of it:

Samuel " stubborn as the badger" Schultz: First Pro xc win.

Linsey "cool as a cucumber" Corbin: First Ironman win, course record.

Adam "meaner than a rattlesnake" Jensen: 9th Overall Ironman CdA. Biked the shit out of that course.

Ice Shryock: Debut Ironman good for 11th place? AYS (are you serious)?

Ironfans: Out with the Owls, Up with the Eagles!

Hammer Big Rig: DID WORK!

Montana athletes, Ice, Jensen, Hammer....WHITE HOT right now!

Also great job to all Montanans, Dr. Ruby, Jeffy, Joel Carlson, Everyone!!!


PS Look for a new era in the blogosphere coming soon: Pip vs Trail, a six part series starting next weekend and finishing in Moab. I'm doing two 24's, one fifty and three 100 mile mountain bike races this summer. If I win, I will have a lifetime of Man-ness to draw upon. If I lose, well, the buzzards get to eat some decadent meat.

Peace out.

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