Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good Ol' Times.

I'm so stoked for the upcoming Missoula Pro XCT. In so many ways this is a coming of age for both Missoula and my group of friends. We were both of total junk show back in the day, and hopefully we will stay a little greazy on our meteoric rise to the top. When most people claim Missoula is the center of the universe, they are often referring to the oh so easy vortex that one can slip into for a decade in the peaceful mountain town. Don't get me wrong, living for Wednesday Night Cross League is far superior to workin' for the weekend. But I feel that Missoula is becoming a hub in many new ways once thought impossible. It seems that people are finding ways to live well, improve the community they live in, and basically doing things other than going to grad school so they can stay on the teet for another 5 years.

Anyway...I'm so happy this is all coming together. I'm basing my whole 2011 season on the revived sport of XC, the resurgent town of Missoula, and the ongoing legacy of the Mangy Crew. Some dreams just take some time to become reality!

Here's a little clip from Jedzilla. I swear I was way tougher last year, my bike's gotten lighter and the muffin tops have been waging war on my ambitions ever since I left the yoga ranch... Oh well let the Thunder Roll!

Zootown 9 Euro Ready from Jed Zilla on Vimeo.

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