Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pull out all the stops.

"The team that wins a 24 hour race is the team that screws up the least" -me. It's not about showing your ego on lap 1, or risking everything to gain 15 seconds, steady as she goes will get you on the top step. You can ride as fast as a bull, but if you get a flat your lap time will be like a slow elk. If you bust a wheel you'll be rollin' in with the horny toad.

It's also about bringing the right equip. for the mission. For me this means a unreleased 2011 Cannondale. Somehow I made the good list and got one of these (prob. cuz I'm an xl). Anyway, I put on some periwinkle grips for good luck, and we're bringing a small army to the desert in our bid for interstellar trail supremacy. 

Check for updates mid race on the 'book.


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Walt said...

Great job at Moab, Phil! You guys were flying!