Monday, April 12, 2010


Well, another year, another car ride to the finish line at the Rocky Mountain Roubaix. Needless to say luck has not been on my side lately. But I do not despair because I know I'm riding well. I was even able to catch the peloton after my first flat! 

Enough about me, I didn't even finish. I was really proud of my team for working together on the road and for Matty riding strong enough for third place. Not bad for first race of the year, I smell some wins coming soon! Also, great job Brian Williams and the NRO team. They rode a smart race and it showed on the line. Well, I'm happy to have two solid weeks of training ahead of me. With my classics season consisting of 6 flats and 2 for 2 DNF's, the letter V is taking over more and more of my hard drive.  

V is for Vendetta.


Doug Dale said...

At least you didn't bonk 25 miles in.

Jeffro said...

A bonk suggests you had a physiological issue due to nutritional lack. Lack of training, mold and domestication are sources exclusive to this phrase.

I was still proud to have DD on board!

HG said...

Love ya Pip, :)

Brett said...

Good readin' bringing me back to the good ol' days. Urban farming, delivering farm fresh goods by bike and dreaming of the wide open. Keep it up, cowboy.