Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Redneck Ride.

Feedin the flippin' horses!

C Man (The Godfather)

The Crew


It was a long ride that brought me to Walking Lightly Ranch, one that changed my life. Now that I'm here, I celebrate once a week the beauty that surrounds me with the people that make it fun. I do this with the Redneck Ride.

Last year, Chris Connelly and I wanted to get a ride going in the Flathead that captured the essence of our college days back in Missoula. We wanted to ride our mountain bikes til sunset, cook grub, drink beer and bs about whatever. A few times, it was just us, but we are here to stay. Little by little, our ride is gaining a foothold. With temps and spirits looking bleak yesterday, i didn't expect much for our 2010 debut. But the trail gods looked upon us with favor, skies cleared and temps soared this afternoon. Just what we needed for the first Redneck Ride! We even had a few newcomers, a resurgent Dougger, Mark from Hammer Nutrition and Whitefish Soul Rider Dave. I couldn't have asked for more. Come ride with us weary trail riders looking for more. Thursday nights. Six o'clock at the trailer. All summer long.

Peace out to my man Dave Coe.


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