Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grow Your Vegetables, Yo.

1. Lawns are the biggest waste of space since golf courses and shopping malls.

2. The only way to ensure what you eat is healthy is to collect/grow it yourself or buy it from someone you know. Did you know whole foods sources some of its "organic" produce from China? What a joke. 

3. Look at those geese flying in for a splash landing. They don't rely on wal-mart or the government to make their lives better. We shouldn't be any different, were just animals, same as geese. We have all we need to thrive. Scarcity is created and perpetuated by the antiquated powers that be. I need to be like the goose, self reliant!


Anonymous said...

how bout a goose crossed with a wolf... the gooolf... a new and highly trail lethal beast prone to howling at the moon and soaring with the eagles with kale in their talons at sunrise!

pippo said...

Dude you r loco.